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Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Friday, Happy April, and Happy first day of Spring break for me :-) I have spent this first day just cleaning and lounging around trying to figure out to post throughout the week because I have plenty of time on my hands and no responsibilities. Since it is a new month you're probably expecting a playlist or mood board but I'm feeling something new, a quarter of the new year has past and writing on this blog for awhile now I've learned that being consistent never helps me strive; therefore, I bring you a short new series I like to call Trying not to Try, which essentially will be stories, drawings, inspo, videos, music and maybe photo diaries of me simply living throughout this month and possibly carry on through May.

I've always been influenced, and inspired, heavily by effortless fashion and people and have been giving it ago by wearing clothes I love, and truly feel comfortable and confident in, and this is what this series is about. If you have read some of my recent previous posts you can tell that I've really just been letting go with my looks -- I even dyed my hair purple in February. I feel like this year has been very good to me in terms of becoming more of a immediate and care free soul and I've just been, again, living. My choice of clothing has been more open and much more fun than what I would call "fashion" a couple of months ago.

Since Spring has started aka the season of fresh starts I definitely need more pieces that match my attitude. To kick off Trying not to Try I bring to you my current wishlist of key clothing pieces and accessories that coordinate with this lovely season and the experiences and opportunities it brings me.

Ballet Babe
Urban Outfitters
I am definitly obsessed with elaborate lace applique bralettes but these minimal ones are not only chic but also versatile and would look great with a thin tee or henley. Bodysuits are also my new obsession, I don't own one yet but the way they tuck into denims is just soooo flattering + make you look polished and cool.

We can't d8 unless you sk8
Brandy Melville
Sk8ter boi by Avril Lavigne was an ode to my ideal type in fashion and boys. If you rock a Thrasher tee, high-waters, and grind against the concrete, I am probably partially already in love with you, (strong word choice but you'll live). Skaters don't only get their rep from trotting in their Vans, but they are also casual fashion geniuses. Ranging from navy to even baby pink, they have the best color palette as well as rocking messy hair and eccentric tees, making me heart eye emoji forever.

Pajama Princess
Urban Outfitters
When I think of sleep I think of silk and cotton paradise and pinstripe dreams. During the summer I bought a grey henley romper from the Gap's pajama section and it has been one of my favorite pieces since; I wear it to do errands, dress in up, and of course it can be worn to bed. I obviously need these two pieces because of how easy they will be to wear throughout Spring, Summer, and even Fall! The culotte jumpsuit is a new take on the romper and it is also my favorite color.

Old but Gold
Urban Outfitters
I am known in most friendships as the grandma or mom because my love for thrifting and aged pieces. I sell distressed vintage denim but still on the hunt for my perfect fit; these Wranglers are just my guide for the next Goodwill trip. I also have a new found love for Birkenstocks which are classic "idgaf" hobo granny chic look, I would love to buy a simple pair to go with my fave bohemian-esque jewelry pieces.

Let me know more about your lazy and blithe idols, inspiration, and clothing and stick around for more of Trying not to Try
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