Room Tour + Faves: Lazy Sunday Edition

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trying not to Try: I feel too much joy sleeping in on Sundays but it is seriously the best. It is now 5 pm while I'm typing this and to give you a little run through on how my day went: I showered quick thinking I was going out today little did I know my little sister is sick so we watched Star Wars (the recent one) -- which I've never actually experienced one before -- took a nap 20 min before the ending scene, made cookies with my mom, and planted myself in my room for about 3 hours just watching Youtube videos and the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So to put it all in gist, I was very unproductive; however, I am here writing.

I've done a room tour before but I've changed a few things, not only in my room but also in my daily routine due to the weather and just overall style. This is also an inside of how my room looks on a good day which isn't the cleanest but it is the real me and this is a lazy day. I will also be including music, makeup and other faves that are new and old and classic such as this first one:

Angry Bird Blanket
As you can see there is a reason why I spend so much time in my bed, ITS SUCH A CUTE AREA! Not only do I get to sleep under Van Gogh's Starry Night, but during the day those windows are my only light source and it is so replenishing. Recently it's also been getting hot so the breeze is just great when doing homework or having a snack and relaxing around after school. In addition to this, my #I #Have #No #Shame Angry Birds blanked is the softest thing in the world so shout out to my grandma for that. My bed space is appreciated more than any other part of my room especially the room I have now, it's also the spot I take the best selfys and a good spot for IG sooooooo of course this was something I had to discuss with you. 

Cool Internet Chick
I definitely don't plan on being an interior designer someday and most of the time my room is decorated with either art work I like, books, old crafts, or sentimental gifts. Madison from BADSASS has been my internet bff for about 3 years now and she recently took a trip to Italy and sent me all these cute post cards with little notes and idk I just love the way the colors of the canals in Venice look on the card with all my random stuff planted on my vanity. I'm more of an eclectic gal which I believe is another reason why I am considered such a granny to my peers. If you dont know what SKRRRT SKRRRT# is from please educate your self here.

Latte LangourYou must know I am a coffee feener but n a cut back right now. I love coffee shops, they are always filled with different people and I just find it interesting how many types of shops there are around my are. The interiors of the shops are also very pleasing and I wanna meet these people who design the shops because every time I'm sipping my joe and jamming out everything seems like it's meant to be in that time and given moment. I also spent my spring break flipping through this newsletter and Instagram listing in my journal all the shops I have visited and want to visit. My favorites so far is Empire Coffee + Pastry in North East Minneapolis and Spyhouse on Nicollet, so if you live in the Twin Cities area you must check them out.

3 Years StrongI cleaned out my closet one one of the first days of Spring Break and I forgot about these hidden gems aka my one and only black platforms. These were the #look back when Instagram (wow I have an IG problem I keep mentioning it) was becoming big and everyone was getting a pair so OBVIOUSLY, I begged for them. It's actually pretty simple: they match with everything, very easy to put on, and make you look taller; everyone needs a pair. Despite this, you also should clean your closet often.

BB & Brows
The title of these images says it all, if I could only have 2 products for an everyday routine it would have to be my BB cream and brow mascara. I recently switched over to brow mascara from brow powder just because it's quicker and looks more natural which I adore. I also tinted my brows so they are a little darker which is what inspired me to make the change. Besides this, I've never used foundation, BB cream is my ride or die it covers and moisturizes and that's all I really need. This pump was $12 dollars and has lasted me almost a year and a half now so take that Mac!

I was going to do a video instead of this post for this part of this series last week but unfortunately technology defeated me. But tell me how you feel/think about this series so far! I enjoy coming up with ideas especially if it tells a little about myself.

This post was finished at 8:18 pm because I ate dinner and watched another movie, yikes.
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