Spring and Sprung

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Often times I feel like I act as a weather report when I approach the keyboard; Frankly the highlight of this post is referring to life patterns like seasons. I planned on doing another inspiration graphic like I did back in January but I have really been invested in my writing lately which is also the reason I haven't been posting every week; shutout to university writing for keeping me busy but stressed.

This week the cool, flower-blooming, weather, is arriving and I am already feeling it -- I even wore my mock Birkenstocks and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. I noticed that every previous month from October to January I was relieved for each new month but now I am relieved by this new season. Spring is about refreshment whether it be your closet or room, It's a time to clear up, set new goals and simply find a new understanding on why you should appreciate your life. Yes I will keep this consistent with my "first post of the month inspo/playlist" by featuring my new tunes prepping me but also I would like to reflect on something we all make: mistakes.

First off thank you Cindy for the idea on this post (I don't even remember what we were talking about yesterday) and second, mistakes range on the scale of impact - from doing your homework all wrong to life changing cracking your iPhone 2 times and dropping it in water 3. Here is my list that I constantly think about in order from low to high impact:

1. Ordered pop instead of water
2. Said the word "aesthetic" to describe a cup of coffee - OMG this is what Cindy and I were talking about
3. Forgot to pack gloves.... how Minnesota
4. Lost Mom's headphones
5. Slept in till noon on the first day of the year
6. $50 on a Stussy hoodie - I don't even skate but middle school Rachel definitely saw into the future and knew she would be helplessly in love with skater boys #supreme #vans #heybighead
7. In terms of boys, thinking a boy who wanted to play "truth or dare" was boyf material
7. Quit playing tennis after 2 years
8. Quit ballet after 1
9. Forming an unconditional love for coffee
10. Hanging out with myself 85% of my Junior Year

And after explaining with Cindy my regrets on the word aesthetic she said, "I never got to use it while it was a thing so I have to use it now, but you should never regret and just live with it." I'm not sure why this made me so motivated to write a whole post on life's misfortunes but turn that "unfortunately" to "you live and you learn," because bad habits and errors make you grateful for changing, improving, and becoming satisfied with yourself. On the contrary you can't run away from your issues in all (running action in my photo above #cheesy I know), facing them will help you find bliss; but the past is in the past and is there to stay, No ragrets.

#deep........ here's the playlist which I will be adding to all month:

 and if you didn't know or don't catch up with me irl or IG, Cindy is one of my bestfriends (follow her ♥)

p.s. Happy International Women's Day!
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