Monday, March 14, 2016

Bonsoir is "good evening/good night" in French and how I'm feeling this Monday or shall I say Mon-daze. The time is set forward and we're all feeling a little sluggish but comfy and carefree is totally a #look. I am highly fascinated when I spot a cool it-girl in chucks and a crewneck and if I am being completely honest it boosts my confidence and makes me feel good about myself too. I typically respond to the paparazzi pics thinking "yaaa I could totally rock that and make that Vogue worthy." In spite of that thought it's actually pretty hard to "try" to look lazy; you must stick to the lax code and just pick your trusty maybe a lil' dusty pants, a classic graphic tee, some beat up sneaks -- which is actually the Vogue moment of this look, CDG Play x Converse thank you thank you make me famous -- and uneven line which is not from lack of diligence but a lack of skill. I was also envisioning my inner Napoleon Dynamite meets Bart Simpson meets local hip grandpa.

Yes these pants were in my last outfit post, yes I do not care because cords rule and Mondays drool
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