Hip, Relatable and Obviously Cool

Monday, October 19, 2015

I was going to do a very formal ootd today but my camera died and I didn't wanna lose daylight, but when all fails, my "outdated" iPhone saves. I do however love when these kinda things happen because it requires me to be creative and I am lacking that at the moment so this was just again - real great! 

Snapchat isn't as aesthetically pleasing as Instagram but you gotta stay hip and trendy and I am a teenage girl so of course I am TOTALLY all over it. Being the gal I am I have to make my story cool and cute to match my personality and these are definitely my fave snaps of today's look. I was also envisioning my inner Tavi Gevinson and Jenn Im by adding these little doodles and such.

Turtleneck from Old Navy (Similar) || Pleated skirt from Marshalls (Similar) || Converse x Comme des Garçons Play

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