Future, Present, Past

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I officially have 5 days of high school left and dreading everyday. Despite the 20 page paper I have to write or the 60 page story I have to edit, all I am in the mood to do is groove. For instance, today on May 26th 2016, Julian Casablancas called us baby doll in the dreamiest moan; I am dead, bald, awake, and a tad bit livid. If you haven't read any of my previous music posts, or know me in real life you must know that The StrokesVampire Weekend, and Drowners make me dance around my room like a maniac in the gleaming sunset poking through my window. Meanwhile I am also daydreaming to The Cure's Just Like Heaven and young Morrissey's cheekbones making us go through romantic torture. I lust over a good tune and make it my entire life; in addition to this, with the beautiful weather putting me through the best of my emotions pallet and hyping me for the freedom of summer, I have got so many new jams and rediscovered classics, that I feel obligated to share with you and explain why I adore them. I also just got my first A in my university writing class for a review on Run Away With Me and I have been struggling in that class all semester; therefore, I basically feel like I could work for Pitchfork now.


As a Canadian born, and moving right back this summer, it is only right to have an unhealthy obsession with champagnepapi. When the album dropped I was laying in bed on a school night and I could not help but take off all my bed layers and dance around my room; I was going to sleep at 10, but ended up dead at midnight. Initially my favorites were "Child's Play" and "Too Good," and I was the #1 "Controlla" hater but after grooving to the reggae beats intertwined with Drake's orignal sound, it is now my absolute favorite. Overall I'm hooked, how could I not be with all the hype, Views is The New Testament. 

Highlights: The whole damn album
Timing: Driving into a big city with your best friend, a party, or the beach
Best time of the year: Summer
Instagram caption worthy: 
"Feel No Ways"  I try with you / There's more to life than sleeping in / And getting high with you / I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do
"Weston Road Flows" Creepin' like Chilli without the tender, love, and care

And of course every single line in Child's Play.


My body is ready to head bob and be crazy to infatuating guitar solos and Matt Hitt's achy breaky voice. As pretentious as it sounds, I'd like to share that I've been a fan and admiring the English band for a solid 4 years (before Harry Styles tweeted the lyrics to "Long Hair"). And just to express more credentials my Tumblr url is also "drowne-r" for  the same amount of time. But I don't think anyone cares as long as we Pick Up The Pace and enjoy the revamped Smiths feel and genuine lyrics.

Highlights: "Cruel Ways" was a great way to introduce the album, plus the guitar solo is beautiful
Timing: Lazy sundays, restless nights, and road trips
Best time of the year: Anytime
Instagram caption worthy: I'm honestly just here for the beat,  the lyrics are poetic but not IG worthy

Future, Present, Past EP (ONLY 3 SONGS OUT)

I have uncontrollable love for The Strokes and Julian's trashy cute look (a lil different from Mac Demarco's look but both are beautiful souls). I was in the middle of class and couldn't even listen to the new releases till 3 hours after. Threat of Joy is a summer fling I've never had -- maybe this upcoming season because of Julian's blessings ;-) -- but it is just so subtly effervescent. I thought it was pure adoration when he sang "darlin' your heads not right" in "Someday" but this new groove makes you want to have a love bug playing with your hair, laying in the grass and giggling over everything while the sun sets. I do not like "Drag Queen" that much but let me tell you, "OBLIVIUS" continues the fling feels. This one is when you take your future boo have a dance party and create air guitars or going and just staying in. Wherever this EP takes you, I know you'll love it.

Highlights: When Julian sings "baby doll" and the guitar solo in OBLIVIUS 10/10
Timing: Already explained, or if you're like me and probs won't have a boo dance by yourself!
Best time of the year: It's the motherfucking strokes, but if you want a preference: Summer & Autumn
Instagram caption worthy: Untame me / It's not my midnight yet

Lil Boat

I started listening to this album in November but never really got into it till now and I am ashamed that I am here for it so late because I lived through cold like Minnesota, but it's better late then never. The album cover is too cute, and I'm not sure what else to say; most of the lyrics are 12896586 times vulgar but sometimes that's okay even if you are a minion joking gal; however, the lines are very clever and the album is just great for dancing like a fool (the only way I know how to). One last note is that Lil Yachty is also #fashion #af, his editorial for Vogue in Louis Vuitton was great with his red beads and were #iconic

Highlights: If Kylie Jenner sings One Night, I do too
Timing: Party, getting ready in the morning, or anytime with friends
Best time of the year: Summer, Winter & Autumn
Instagram caption worthy: My family reads my blog, I don't think anything would be right here

Majid Jordan

This album is BEAUTIFUL especially if you have an echo-ish room to bump to it. Both of the boys voices are complete shadows, beautiful, mysterious, and chilling. I don't want to give away anything but just encourage you to listen.

Highlights: Every Step Every Way = EXCELLENCE
Timing: Driving home at night or just hanging out
Best time of the year: Summer & Winter
Instagram caption worthy: Every track is #deep


I love it all.

I have much more to talk about and ask if you'd like a second part, please enjoy and dance on :-)
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