Monday, May 16, 2016

I'ts been almost a month since I've written and I really don't have a well written excuse. I could say that I write 2 papers almost every week, or busy doing stuff with friend: this is all  true except I do have random days during the week where instead of writing I'll lay in bed and watch Youtube videos for 3 hours and then realize I have a 15-20 page paper due in 2 weeks.... nice. 

But despite all of this I have a bunch of cool posts coming up such as, helping you guys get creative with looks because I am currently in a place where I can't buy too much new clothes because I am moving! I could even discuss more about my days or opinions on fashion, culture and social issues and all that jazz, whatever I'm feeling. Along with this I will be out of high school in exactly 13 days, which I said before, keeps getting nerve wracking yet uber-exciting to be out. I plan on filming and taking photos and writing better context soon, I have so many goals for this blog and can't wait to continue to bring you along my journey of improving and creating.

Away from my self reflection that I promise to you and myself, will not happen as often as it has the last 2 months. I'd love to show you the fun things I've been doing and personally I like looking at others photo diaries -- especially well thought out ones pleasing to the eye -- so here is mine from April to just this weekend
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