Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is not starting off with the greatest weather aka its freezing but it's a new year for new adventures and a new meEeeEEEEeEeeee........... jk maybe just an improved me. In honor of this refreshment I must carry the tradition and share my goals/resolutions.

1. Travel to two places I haven't been: Cali & NYC

2. Along with traveling and going on new adventures, KEEP ALL SOUVENIRS and keep them in a photo box 

3. Save money for stuff I REALLY WANT!!!!!!

4. Improve posture......... this is a must

5. Find/discover more careers and schools - stylist, designer, c.e.o???

6. Read more

7. Be fit/have a work out schedule

8. Read more blogs

9. Go to more concerts

10. Make more friends!!!

11. Have a pen-pal - new friends

12, Get better at make up (specifically eyeliner and eyeshadow)

13. Cut down on caffeine and chocolate consumption - clear skin!

14. Learn to sew... better

15. Less social media

16. Use camera more and take it everywhere

17. Write all ideas in journal/keep journal neat/take journal everywhere

18. Have a better attitude - don't make other people down when you are not positive/confident!

19. Improve blogging context

20. Sleep earlier/wake up earlier (try to wake up for a sunrise)

This list is so cliche but I hope to have a magnificent year and hope you do too ♥
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