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Friday, September 12, 2014

NYFW has come to an end as a new season begins. Like every year the master creations from my favorite designers were absolutely stunning. Eyeopeners for me were Jason Wu, DVF, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Opening Ceremony.

Commuting from show to show photographers get amazing shots of models, bloggers, representatives and just regular admirers in they're best clothing also what most of us called street fashion. In my opinion this is the best part of any fashion city or week. SooooOooOoo my point in posting this is to share what I liked the most and what I may buy similar to it.

Boyfriend Jeans

I think this is the greatest trend this Autumn. On the left is what I would prefer. The denim gives off a laid back, comfortable and tomboy look which I love but I do like having a statement piece that will feminize it, and she is wearing one of my staples and what everyone should have.... the leather jacket. It gives an edgy/grunge feeling. On the right is a more preppy but still comfy look, not my top preference I'm digging the simplicity to the look.


Olivia Palermo wearing fringe head to toe and I adore this whole look. Usually I wouldn't wear the so many of the same shade color in one outfit with the exception of black, but the different textures and differences in brown just give it free flowing, western nomadic look, with the heels it makes it fit into the East coast and perfect for the fall.


Courtney Trop being super sporty with an Adidas tee, chiffon skirt and platform brogues. This is what I've been seeing a lot lately especially with the two minimal colors. It's also very tomboyish like the jeans but it somewhat make the body look great in an odd boxy . Next is the LITERAL queen of the runway and anything dealing with fashion lately, Kendall Jenner. She looked super flawless on Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs runway this week but the girl even makes New York sleek. High-waters and brogues again and the infamous white tee, classic, chic and polished
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