Solstice and San Pellegrino

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The first day of Summer was about a week ago; however, my retreat began 4 weeks ago, but it hasn't felt like vacation till the last 2, and what have I be en doing? Thriving for the season. There is no other time of the year I feel so free, no matter if the spirit comes from not being obligated to wake as early or brunching lakeside. 

My mindset has been working towards genuinely having a positive attitude at all times, and at least having various adventures in the course of each week -- bike rides to Chipotle count too! With all the rush and excitement I'll be embracing, tunes always comes along and I want you to take in all of it during your vacation; it doesn't last forever but as soon as you know it you'll be sippin' on blood orange sparkling San Pellegrino (the best duh....)  and groovin' to good ol Jimi Hendrix throughout another bold as love solstice.

Safari Granny

Monday, June 20, 2016

I am back after a 2 week hiatus due to the grandest events such as graduating high school and starting off my summer! My current personal hasn't tweaked much since we've last talked but here are three obsessions: rustic gems, floral prints, and anything a generic granny tourist would rock. This look was my father's day fit and my new current fave, especially the safari tour guide skirt with the ever so trendy raw hem. But I feel it also mad me get into the dad spirit the cargo green mini is a reconstructed khaki, and definitely a good change. In addition to this, I purchased this cuff midway through the day after my paddle boat workout (it was really tough, it would've been more tough if I kept the platforms on... which I didn't), and didn't realize a stone was missing and one broken; it adds character, I guess, just like my awkward posing and my hanger string peeking out of my top #mess.

Future, Present, Past

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I officially have 5 days of high school left and dreading everyday. Despite the 20 page paper I have to write or the 60 page story I have to edit, all I am in the mood to do is groove. For instance, today on May 26th 2016, Julian Casablancas called us baby doll in the dreamiest moan; I am dead, bald, awake, and a tad bit livid. If you haven't read any of my previous music posts, or know me in real life you must know that The StrokesVampire Weekend, and Drowners make me dance around my room like a maniac in the gleaming sunset poking through my window. Meanwhile I am also daydreaming to The Cure's Just Like Heaven and young Morrissey's cheekbones making us go through romantic torture. I lust over a good tune and make it my entire life; in addition to this, with the beautiful weather putting me through the best of my emotions pallet and hyping me for the freedom of summer, I have got so many new jams and rediscovered classics, that I feel obligated to share with you and explain why I adore them. I also just got my first A in my university writing class for a review on Run Away With Me and I have been struggling in that class all semester; therefore, I basically feel like I could work for Pitchfork now.


Monday, May 16, 2016

I'ts been almost a month since I've written and I really don't have a well written excuse. I could say that I write 2 papers almost every week, or busy doing stuff with friend: this is all  true except I do have random days during the week where instead of writing I'll lay in bed and watch Youtube videos for 3 hours and then realize I have a 15-20 page paper due in 2 weeks.... nice. 

But despite all of this I have a bunch of cool posts coming up such as, helping you guys get creative with looks because I am currently in a place where I can't buy too much new clothes because I am moving! I could even discuss more about my days or opinions on fashion, culture and social issues and all that jazz, whatever I'm feeling. Along with this I will be out of high school in exactly 13 days, which I said before, keeps getting nerve wracking yet uber-exciting to be out. I plan on filming and taking photos and writing better context soon, I have so many goals for this blog and can't wait to continue to bring you along my journey of improving and creating.

Away from my self reflection that I promise to you and myself, will not happen as often as it has the last 2 months. I'd love to show you the fun things I've been doing and personally I like looking at others photo diaries -- especially well thought out ones pleasing to the eye -- so here is mine from April to just this weekend


Saturday, April 23, 2016

A little black dress is going to stay relevant till the end of time. However, Coachella fashion, not so much. As much as I enjoy music and reviewing the looks from the past weekend I was not overjoyed. I also adore bell bottoms, cropped crochet tops and heavy rustic metal pieces but I was just not feeling it nor felt it was necessary to do a favorite looks post; with that being said I haven't seen any prominent outfits that stood out to me. How this ties in today's post? Weather. Spring is in full effect and the colors made me change my Instagram theme for the 3rd time this month, oops. I venerate the freedom I endure in this season and here to share my latest mini adventure featuring my new fave little black dress. This look is something different I usually wouldn't do which is wear a dress that is knee length and form fitting. Surprisingly enough I am also obsessed at how comfy and simple but put together vibe it gave me (perfect for Coachella too); all you need to complete it is eclectic and funky jewels and a pair of shades.

Room Tour + Faves: Lazy Sunday Edition

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trying not to Try: I feel too much joy sleeping in on Sundays but it is seriously the best. It is now 5 pm while I'm typing this and to give you a little run through on how my day went: I showered quick thinking I was going out today little did I know my little sister is sick so we watched Star Wars (the recent one) -- which I've never actually experienced one before -- took a nap 20 min before the ending scene, made cookies with my mom, and planted myself in my room for about 3 hours just watching Youtube videos and the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So to put it all in gist, I was very unproductive; however, I am here writing.